Saturday, May 24, 2008

inno vation 2007


Omega's simple platformer.
Collect special items,
imageFuji imageTaka imageNasu.

...or complete all items if you can:)


  • Simple platformer
  • Easy to clear
  • But hard to collect all items
  • EngRish:)

How to play

  • ArrowKey or Right/Left : Change Direction
  • z or Button 1 : Jump
  • Down + Jump : Jump down from the bar
  • F9 : Change Window / FullScreen Mode
  • F12 : Save snapshot
  • ESC  : Quit

You can't stop because you are wild bore.
Your life will recover by time.


Translations will not fix because the original version contains a lot of Nihonglish.


Programs, Graphics by Omega
Musics by Dong
Translation by Eki, Dong, Omega