Sunday, November 30, 2008



Nanpa-machi is a mini text adventure by nora[jp].

You go out on the town to get picked up by boys.
Suited for girls :)


Developer: nora[jp]
Translator: Lyot[jp]

Thanks: Sean

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

SOWN 2008

I'll make a presentation about Nanosmiles at Sense of Wonder Night on TGS2008 business day.
Omega Kanta also will make a presentation about TwinTower.


Is anybody planning to participate TGS?
Let's communicate:)

I'll make a report about SOWN if I can.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Comiket 74 report

There're some pictures of Comiket 74 in Tokyo.


I was on the indie game area.
I think there was about 100 circles on the area.
It's very few on whole participant, about 35000 circles.



All of our platform. Some UMPC, GP2X and PSP.




Our gamepack was quickly sold within 3 hours.

Extras. This is gamehell chocolate.


OMG it was melted!

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Gamehell on Comiket


Our Comiket Info
Tokyo Big Sight
West-area "Ka"-38b
"Gamehell 2000"

We are planning to sell our game pack. like 100 in 1 style.

"Gamehell 2000[jp]" is a community of Japanese indie game developers based on Tokyo.(members are Dong, DK, Omega, bla, bla.)

Is there anyone who is interested in Japanese indie game development scene?
Gamehell 2000 wants friends who can talk about game developing.

We'll hold meeting after comiket.
Is there someone who are planning to go comiket?

New Bio_100% site


Bio_100% official[jp]

Bio_100% is the most popular team of Indie game developer in Japan.
They released over 40 games for PC9801 in 1990 - 1999 on ASCII net.
Some PC-9801 game movies and developer interview are avaliable in new site.

There are 4 windows playable binary.
Download page[jp]

  • Kaniminso64
  • WinDepth
  • carax'95
  • pecker 0.07


Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Monthly Review June 2008

Oranda, an editor of, translated D.K's Kaiten Patissier.

He also wrote about international release. Awesomeness In a Box
Kaiten Patissier is open-source and based on SDL, then It can be played in PSP, GP2X, Linux, and now leaps language barrier.


New link on bookmark-area.

Find Your Art School is a good site for developers who wants study game design.

Free and High-quality Japanese Font

Is there someone interested in displaying Japanese font?


M+ font is new, high-quality and free Japanese font.
includes 1006 educational Kanjis and a font is about 300KB.
Direct Download 

M+ Font license.

These fonts are free softwares.
Unlimited permission is granted to use, copy, and distribute it, with
or without modification, either commercially and noncommercially.

it looks like BSD license.


  • Japanese kanji is different from Chinese kanji in its shape.
  • Small kanji character looks messy and it is difficult to read.
  • You can use only hiragana, this way is more easy and enough.(OMEGA did that on inno-vation2007.)

The Sense of Wonder Night 2008


Sense of Wonder Night[jp] is a competition of experimental games on Tokyo Game Show 2008.
The organizer said the competition is inspired by Experimental Gameplay Workshop.
Is there any cactus in Japan?

The deadline is 2008.08.30.
Japanese, not Japanese, Professional developers and Indie developers are all allowed to entry the competition.

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Monthly Review May 2008: Sayonara Danmakugata

Danmakugata was the biggest source for shmups written by Honki-ya.
But Danmakugata was closed on beginning of May 2008.
It's sad news for shmups lover.

A week later, Ku-haku[jp], known as another shmups source, was back to fill the void.

newS:tg [jp] is another shmups news blog written by KSW.
He's planning to be able to post news with screenshots.



Babara started English site.
He's an flash game developer, known as a developer of Boschvos.
Screenshot is GINORMO SWORD, original title is "Long and Big my Dxxk". wow. my friend.


Kaiten Patissier is DK's new action puzzle.
Get all items by rotate the room.
Some words are written in English, and there's nice tutorial,
then it's easy to play for English speakers.


Japan Gaming Guide is nice news blog for Japanese commercial games written by ThreeHeadedMonkey.

Saturday, May 24, 2008

inno vation 2007


Omega's simple platformer.
Collect special items,
imageFuji imageTaka imageNasu.

...or complete all items if you can:)


  • Simple platformer
  • Easy to clear
  • But hard to collect all items
  • EngRish:)

How to play

  • ArrowKey or Right/Left : Change Direction
  • z or Button 1 : Jump
  • Down + Jump : Jump down from the bar
  • F9 : Change Window / FullScreen Mode
  • F12 : Save snapshot
  • ESC  : Quit

You can't stop because you are wild bore.
Your life will recover by time.


Translations will not fix because the original version contains a lot of Nihonglish.


Programs, Graphics by Omega
Musics by Dong
Translation by Eki, Dong, Omega

Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Monthly Review April 2008


This month's biggest news is English version of Yume nikki(Dream diary).
It's also good news for developers who use Japanese RPG maker.

Similar style(dream-based)


MissileMatador is a simple and well designed platformer by Shimobayashi.
All you have to do is to avoid missiles.

How To Play

  • [WASD] or [↑↓←→] or Arrow Buttons on Joypad 0 : Move
  • [H] or [Z] or Button 0 on Joypad 0 : Jump
  • [Right-ALT] and [ENTER] : Toggle full-screen mode and window mode


Ikaria is a mouse controlled shmup by HIZ.
(needs Java Runtime)
You can absorb yellow bullet and convert into horming laser.

Mouse controlled shmup is always stressful because of delicate mouse controll,
but Ikaria permits rough controll.

HIZ also makes good looking shmups. Check it out!

Friday, April 18, 2008

Made in WIRED by Junpei Isshiki

Do you know Junpei Isshiki?
He's a professional shmup programmer and an indie game developer.

He makes really cool shmups,
but sometimes he forgots to publish his games :(
How unselfish!

This is the unknown English version of "MADE IN WIRED".


Made in WIRED



  • Mini-Shmup-collection inspired by "Made in Wario(Wario Ware)".
  • Needs some knowledges about Japanese shmups.
  • Groovy!
  • Hard!

Clear intently the petit game which appears one after another.
A mistake is made when a petit game goes wrong.

Arrow / Num / Joystick

[Z] / Trigger 1

Programs, Music, Graphics by Junpei Isshiki
Translations by shinh

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Added Japanese Developers List

I added a Japanese developers list on right side of this blog.
Some developers work on a team. I didn't list team's name, but main developer's name(normally programmer).
[eg] tag means he has English pages.
Some developers have English version games, but they don't have English pages.

Followings is extra list.
They are popular in Japan, but it's difficult to play their games unless you are expert in Japanese.

Ryukishi 07(Known as developer of Higurasi no naku koroni)

Jiscald(Known as Andymente)

Kikiyama(Known as developer of Yumenikki)
Is there someone who tried playing Japanese RPG maker XP games?
I don't have English Windows OS then I don't know whether their game works.

I was really surprised at an English version of Yume nikki!
It's the most unique and popular game in Japanese indie RPG.
Try It!
via TIG Source

WispLisp Heehaw

Wisplisp Heehaw ver0.3 English

What a mess!
Horizontal Shmups.
You can reflect bullets with Shield.
Japanese version released at 2005.10.18

  • For masochist gamers.
  • Normal enemies shoots look-ahead bullets.
  • A hentai pic appears after you beat Loop 4. ( I wanted to make hentai game.)
  • Time restricted game.

Cursor key : move
Z key : Shot
X key : Reflect Shield(MANDALA)

Programs, Music, Graphics by Dong

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Monthly Review : Japanese indie game creators' English pages

Japanese indie game creators who has English pages.

ABA Games
Ah, everyone know his page!

Hikoza'n-CHI X

Simple Inspiration 2

Keim's new English blog.
Keim is known as creator of "nomltest".
He also released cool action games.
Now he works on ActionScript game "ARCANACRA".
Play by clicking blog's rightside and press Z!

Channel Moochos
Mooch has released some N.I[Jp] style simple games.

Our games will be released at the beginning of April.

Friday, February 29, 2008


English version of Nanosmiles!

Arena shump
Cursor key : move
Z key : Open rock-on area
X key : Dash

Programs, Music, Graphics by Dong
English version translation by Siiseli. Thanks!

Saturday, February 2, 2008

EngRish Games launches!

hello! I'm Dong.
An indie game maker who lives in Japan.

This site aims to solve "bafflegab problem" on Japanese Indie games.
I'll try to translate my(or my friends') games for English speakers.
I'm not good at English, if you can better translation, Please help me!


boidtrancer v1.0(2005/1/5)

Simple shoot-em-up made with Gamemaker.
Bird's movement are based on "Boids theory".
Birds gather near the Green Circle.
You can also use Bomb to clean birds around you.

Gamepad available.
Z - Normalshot
X - Bomb
Cursor key - Move

Require: A modern PC (Pentium or higher) running Windows 98SE, ME, XP, 2000
A 3D graphics card with at least 8 MB of video memory.
DirectX 8.0 or higher(not included).

Program by Dong
Sound by Dong and Taurign