Saturday, February 2, 2008

EngRish Games launches!

hello! I'm Dong.
An indie game maker who lives in Japan.

This site aims to solve "bafflegab problem" on Japanese Indie games.
I'll try to translate my(or my friends') games for English speakers.
I'm not good at English, if you can better translation, Please help me!


Erik Svedäng said...

That's a very nice thing to do! It makes me sad when I can't play games because I don't understand the language...

Bez said...

I second that! This is an awesome endeavour! Thank you for being a bridge!

B. said...


dong said...

I'm planning to translate OMEGA's game on next month.

Me too. That's why I studied English, now I can play English action games!
I feel comfort when I play non-verbal game like knytt.

I want to make a bridge between Japanese developer and global developer.
I hope we could communicate by making games!

Thank you!
Could you give me advices if you see obscure sentence?