Friday, February 29, 2008


English version of Nanosmiles!

Arena shump
Cursor key : move
Z key : Open rock-on area
X key : Dash

Programs, Music, Graphics by Dong
English version translation by Siiseli. Thanks!

Saturday, February 2, 2008

EngRish Games launches!

hello! I'm Dong.
An indie game maker who lives in Japan.

This site aims to solve "bafflegab problem" on Japanese Indie games.
I'll try to translate my(or my friends') games for English speakers.
I'm not good at English, if you can better translation, Please help me!


boidtrancer v1.0(2005/1/5)

Simple shoot-em-up made with Gamemaker.
Bird's movement are based on "Boids theory".
Birds gather near the Green Circle.
You can also use Bomb to clean birds around you.

Gamepad available.
Z - Normalshot
X - Bomb
Cursor key - Move

Require: A modern PC (Pentium or higher) running Windows 98SE, ME, XP, 2000
A 3D graphics card with at least 8 MB of video memory.
DirectX 8.0 or higher(not included).

Program by Dong
Sound by Dong and Taurign