Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Monthly Review April 2008


This month's biggest news is English version of Yume nikki(Dream diary).
It's also good news for developers who use Japanese RPG maker.

Similar style(dream-based)


MissileMatador is a simple and well designed platformer by Shimobayashi.
All you have to do is to avoid missiles.

How To Play

  • [WASD] or [↑↓←→] or Arrow Buttons on Joypad 0 : Move
  • [H] or [Z] or Button 0 on Joypad 0 : Jump
  • [Right-ALT] and [ENTER] : Toggle full-screen mode and window mode


Ikaria is a mouse controlled shmup by HIZ.
(needs Java Runtime)
You can absorb yellow bullet and convert into horming laser.

Mouse controlled shmup is always stressful because of delicate mouse controll,
but Ikaria permits rough controll.

HIZ also makes good looking shmups. Check it out!

Friday, April 18, 2008

Made in WIRED by Junpei Isshiki

Do you know Junpei Isshiki?
He's a professional shmup programmer and an indie game developer.

He makes really cool shmups,
but sometimes he forgots to publish his games :(
How unselfish!

This is the unknown English version of "MADE IN WIRED".


Made in WIRED



  • Mini-Shmup-collection inspired by "Made in Wario(Wario Ware)".
  • Needs some knowledges about Japanese shmups.
  • Groovy!
  • Hard!

Clear intently the petit game which appears one after another.
A mistake is made when a petit game goes wrong.

Arrow / Num / Joystick

[Z] / Trigger 1

Programs, Music, Graphics by Junpei Isshiki
Translations by shinh

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Added Japanese Developers List

I added a Japanese developers list on right side of this blog.
Some developers work on a team. I didn't list team's name, but main developer's name(normally programmer).
[eg] tag means he has English pages.
Some developers have English version games, but they don't have English pages.

Followings is extra list.
They are popular in Japan, but it's difficult to play their games unless you are expert in Japanese.

Ryukishi 07(Known as developer of Higurasi no naku koroni)

Jiscald(Known as Andymente)

Kikiyama(Known as developer of Yumenikki)
Is there someone who tried playing Japanese RPG maker XP games?
I don't have English Windows OS then I don't know whether their game works.

I was really surprised at an English version of Yume nikki!
It's the most unique and popular game in Japanese indie RPG.
Try It!
via TIG Source

WispLisp Heehaw

Wisplisp Heehaw ver0.3 English

What a mess!
Horizontal Shmups.
You can reflect bullets with Shield.
Japanese version released at 2005.10.18

  • For masochist gamers.
  • Normal enemies shoots look-ahead bullets.
  • A hentai pic appears after you beat Loop 4. ( I wanted to make hentai game.)
  • Time restricted game.

Cursor key : move
Z key : Shot
X key : Reflect Shield(MANDALA)

Programs, Music, Graphics by Dong