Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Monthly Review April 2008


This month's biggest news is English version of Yume nikki(Dream diary).
It's also good news for developers who use Japanese RPG maker.

Similar style(dream-based)


MissileMatador is a simple and well designed platformer by Shimobayashi.
All you have to do is to avoid missiles.

How To Play

  • [WASD] or [↑↓←→] or Arrow Buttons on Joypad 0 : Move
  • [H] or [Z] or Button 0 on Joypad 0 : Jump
  • [Right-ALT] and [ENTER] : Toggle full-screen mode and window mode


Ikaria is a mouse controlled shmup by HIZ.
(needs Java Runtime)
You can absorb yellow bullet and convert into horming laser.

Mouse controlled shmup is always stressful because of delicate mouse controll,
but Ikaria permits rough controll.

HIZ also makes good looking shmups. Check it out!


Killboy Powerhead said...

First, (more) greets from Spain and congratulations for the blog.

I really like Ikaria. If you want to "absorb" the yellow bullets you need to get really close to your enemies, making it a good risk/reward system.

And I've read a lot about Yumenikki in other places. So I guess I'll give it a try, "Oniric RPG" sounds way better than "Thou Must Slay the Dragon (Again)"

Also, "MissileMatador" <-- I love this name.

Kresil said...

"Missile Matador", this is just one of the most awesome titles I've ever heard!

ALL FUN said...

the game is veru nice and acceptable...DO=FOLLOW

Dan said...

This blog seems like a cool way to get information about Japanese games and the Japanese development.


dong said...

#Killboy Powerhead
Yumenikki is unique RPG maker game, it isn't depend on language.
There's a lot of interesting RPG maker games, but they are not like Yumenikki...

I can't guess how the words sound, but I think the title is well describes the game's feeling.

#all fun


When you come to Japan again,
and if you have interest in Japanese indie game development scene,
please let me know!