Sunday, April 6, 2008

WispLisp Heehaw

Wisplisp Heehaw ver0.3 English

What a mess!
Horizontal Shmups.
You can reflect bullets with Shield.
Japanese version released at 2005.10.18

  • For masochist gamers.
  • Normal enemies shoots look-ahead bullets.
  • A hentai pic appears after you beat Loop 4. ( I wanted to make hentai game.)
  • Time restricted game.

Cursor key : move
Z key : Shot
X key : Reflect Shield(MANDALA)

Programs, Music, Graphics by Dong


Dog Laboratory said...

I am a fan of 14 prologues in the Japanese version.

The contrast between 7 ordinaries and 7 abnormalities is very clever.

Don't you have a plan to translate them?

Or I will venture to put them into English!

dong said...

thanx inu kenkyuzyo san :)

I gave up translating prologues, because my English skill is too low.

Thanks to offer translation!
That would be wonderful!