Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Monthly Review June 2008

Oranda, an editor of, translated D.K's Kaiten Patissier.

He also wrote about international release. Awesomeness In a Box
Kaiten Patissier is open-source and based on SDL, then It can be played in PSP, GP2X, Linux, and now leaps language barrier.


New link on bookmark-area.

Find Your Art School is a good site for developers who wants study game design.

Free and High-quality Japanese Font

Is there someone interested in displaying Japanese font?


M+ font is new, high-quality and free Japanese font.
includes 1006 educational Kanjis and a font is about 300KB.
Direct Download 

M+ Font license.

These fonts are free softwares.
Unlimited permission is granted to use, copy, and distribute it, with
or without modification, either commercially and noncommercially.

it looks like BSD license.


  • Japanese kanji is different from Chinese kanji in its shape.
  • Small kanji character looks messy and it is difficult to read.
  • You can use only hiragana, this way is more easy and enough.(OMEGA did that on inno-vation2007.)

The Sense of Wonder Night 2008


Sense of Wonder Night[jp] is a competition of experimental games on Tokyo Game Show 2008.
The organizer said the competition is inspired by Experimental Gameplay Workshop.
Is there any cactus in Japan?

The deadline is 2008.08.30.
Japanese, not Japanese, Professional developers and Indie developers are all allowed to entry the competition.