Thursday, June 5, 2008

Monthly Review May 2008: Sayonara Danmakugata

Danmakugata was the biggest source for shmups written by Honki-ya.
But Danmakugata was closed on beginning of May 2008.
It's sad news for shmups lover.

A week later, Ku-haku[jp], known as another shmups source, was back to fill the void.

newS:tg [jp] is another shmups news blog written by KSW.
He's planning to be able to post news with screenshots.



Babara started English site.
He's an flash game developer, known as a developer of Boschvos.
Screenshot is GINORMO SWORD, original title is "Long and Big my Dxxk". wow. my friend.


Kaiten Patissier is DK's new action puzzle.
Get all items by rotate the room.
Some words are written in English, and there's nice tutorial,
then it's easy to play for English speakers.


Japan Gaming Guide is nice news blog for Japanese commercial games written by ThreeHeadedMonkey.


Jerom said...

Kaiten Patissier is easy (50 levels) but very fun: the design is kawaii!

dong said...

I heard there's insane version of Kaiten Patissier...