Sunday, August 10, 2008

Gamehell on Comiket


Our Comiket Info
Tokyo Big Sight
West-area "Ka"-38b
"Gamehell 2000"

We are planning to sell our game pack. like 100 in 1 style.

"Gamehell 2000[jp]" is a community of Japanese indie game developers based on Tokyo.(members are Dong, DK, Omega, bla, bla.)

Is there anyone who is interested in Japanese indie game development scene?
Gamehell 2000 wants friends who can talk about game developing.

We'll hold meeting after comiket.
Is there someone who are planning to go comiket?


David said...

I would go but I live in USA. I hope you have a successful time though!

Killboy Powerhead said...

I like the idea of a "100 in 1 game pack", it reminds me of those old bootleg NES cartridges.

I wish good luck to you all in the Comiket. Unfortunately is pretty far from Spain, so going there is pretty difficult. Bus tickets from Spain to Tokyo are pretty expensive (it seem that they need to attach wings to the bus or something).

Keep up the good work with the blog!