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Exelinya Burst is anchor ACT developed by D.K, Omega, Kenmo.
Now English version is available.

You can grab enemies and throw.
Make secondary explosion and get higher score.

Dpad/Joystick/Arrow keys
  Moves character

Button 1 (Shift)
  Grabs enemies

Button 2 (Z)
  Moves character while holding an enemy

thanks: Oranda


Admin said...

great, great, great. ^_^

Japanese indie game scene is fresh, original and innovative.
The language is an huge barrier: thank you for your work on the blog! Keep it up.

David said...

Thank you very much!

James said...

I have no idea what just happened. I think I just used a grappling hook to threw eggplants while battling a cheesecake that was shooting strawberries at me. Whatever it was, this game is excellent!

I like the missile-command-like chain reactions. :-)

James said...

Also, am I missing something? My health is always decreasing and I die within 19 levels, even if I don't get hit.

Anonymous said...
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